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1st Trampoline Park in Luxembourg


Jumpbox is reinventing its concept! After 11 months of being closed, we have re-opened with renewed energy. Our general public sessions are on Fri-Sun and school holidays (in accordance with latest covid restrictions, limiting to 40 jumpers which means that we allocate 20sqm per jumper when we should give 10). Online booking compulsory. 

Weekdays Jumpbox can be privatised so you have the chance to enjoy our space for a birthday party, a group booking or a corporate event. We comply with a strict desinfecting protocole making Jumpbox a safe environment to have fun with your 'bubble' of friends/colleagues or family. When privately booked, we still comply with latest regulations, meaning that if we have 10 jumpers, they can jump without a mask. If they are more than 10 jumpers, either they bring and do a quick test in front of us and if all are negative, they can jump without a mask, otherwise if they can't provide a negative test, all jumpers aged 6 and more must wear a mask. 

Anti-Covid measures (as from 1st November 2021):
1. Our park is desinfected daily with Bacoban. We desinfect all jumpers’ and accompanying visitors’ hands on arrival.
2. As an extra precaution, as trampolining is a sport in movement, during general public openings, as everyone (vaccinated or not) can carry and pass on the virus to some extent, anybody aged 6 and more must wear a mask when in movement or jumping on the trampoline area. We are sorry but allowing the size of our infrastructure, we feel that it is the safest way. This means that there is no need for covid-check QR ocde to access the trampoiining area.
3. Access to the bar lounge and mezzanine is subject to showing a valid covid-check QR code and this applies to anyone aged 12 years and 2 months old+. Tests with negative results made in school less than 48h before the visit are also valid (as per validation by Ministère de la Santé). In these areas, customers must wear the mask when in movement. Good news is that there is no more limited numbers on tables ;-)

We have built partitions to separate the different spaces, created extra spaces to rest. We have reduced numbers on the trampoline area to provide more space and comfort.

We have always been inclusive and will remain so. Also we believe exercising (even with a mask) contributes to a better immune system and positive mental attitude. We therefore prefer to keep the access to the trampolining area open to all. See you all soon ;-)

Currently it is difficult to reach us over the phone and we wish to apologise for the inconvenience. During the week we only open for private bookings and trampolining courses/fitness classes. At weekends we focus on customers present on site. The best way to get in touch is by email at info@jumpbox.lu

Book online as of now,
Jumpbox grip socks are compulsory (normally purchased at 3 euros and re-usable) but for a while, we will happily lend you a pair.