Did You Know?

... that we follow the anti-Covid governmental and Horesca guidelines to the letter?

When you arrive, we disinfect everyone's hands, we wear a mask like you do and are separated by a plexiglass screen or keep our distance, we have reduced the number of entries, removed the doors of half of our lockers and added others elsewhere, organised a one-way system, added lounge areas to allow you to socialise seated, separated our tables by 1.50m, and of course we ventilate the space and disinfect surfaces even more often. And all that, with a smile because we want to remain your favourite indoor play and sporting area ;-)

It is also possible to consult our cleaning and disinfection protocol, including the name of the products used, on site. We practise bi-cleaning which includes spraying a detergent-disinfectant for surfaces, legally recognised in Luxembourg and used in hospitals, nurseries, etc. and bactericidal for at least 10 days, once a week as well as cleaning by mechanical friction on opening days on frequently touched areas. 

... that you can privatise Jumpbox?

During school term time, during the week, you now have the chance to have 'Jumpbox to Yourself'. How/Why? Because we only open for private bookings, it is the safest environment to have fun with your 'bubble' of friends/colleagues or family. As our system closes bookings 10 days before the date, if you look then, you will easily see remaining slots available. If you want to book a slot in less than 10 days' time, contact us at info@jumpbox.lu and we will do our best to help you.

It is also possible to book the weekend (with us it starts on Friday at 16.00) in small groups and it may happen that another group has booked simultaneously. In any case, we limit entry to 40 jumpers maximum and will organise a rotation on the trampoline zone to avoid unnecessary contact.

Later on when we feel that it is viable to re-open to the general public, we will very likely do so from Friday 16.00 to Sunday 18.00 (we will advertise it on social media) but for now we open Saturdays and Sundays between 13.30/18.00/  

So if you’re looking for:
- a reliable, well-organised, fun-oriented venue for a celebration, 
- a safe place for a group sporting activity,

- a versatile space for your next company's team meeting or training session, 
- a partner to organise your next corporate team-building event (we have various options even for the largest companies ;-),

Get in touch!

Psssst just to give you an idea, if we open for 'yours truly', it starts at 250 euros for up to an 1hr15 warm-up/jumping time for a group of 1-12 jumpers and then you have our 800sqm of trampoline area just to yourself. Only 25 euros per person for the privilege. Imagine that ;-)

... that to enable us to survive, we have created a crowdfunding on Go Fund Me (we only raised 2% so far, sadly :-/

And if you raise a certain amount on our behalf (amongst your friends, family, colleagues, employees), we will repay your kindness with a private event? Check out our 'story' on GoFundMe > www.gofundme.com/f/fixed-charges-for-jumpbox-covid19-4month-closure

If you wonder why we have got to beg for support, think about the size and quality of our equipments/infrastructure, and you will quickly understand that having such a structure closed since 16th March and not knowing when we will be able to run the business to its full potential, cannot be viable unless we get the support of ALL. Thank you for your understanding and generosity ;-)

... that for waiting parents / accompanying adults, we have a few options?


... that it is possible to jump an additional 30min for free at specific times :-) ?!

When we re-open to general public, if you are 11 or more, book a Teens Only session on Friday and Saturday at 18.30 and 19.00 and you will be able to jump for 1hr30 for the price of 1hr. Remember though that you should arrive 30min in advance so we can make sure you get your full 1hr30 of jumping time ;-)

Online bookings will be necessary. Always best to call us on 28 22 761 to check out if we have many bookings.