Did You Know?

... that for waiting parents, we have a few options?


... that it is possible to jump an additional 30min for free at specific times :-) ?!

Come down Tuesday 12.00 noon to Friday 16.00 (excluding school and bank holidays) and in Open-Jump you pay for 1hr and get 1hr30 jumping time ;-)

Also if you are 11 or more, book a Teens Only session on Friday and Saturday at 18.30 and 19.00 and you also jump for 1hr30 for the price of 1hr. Remember though that you should arrive 30min in advance so we can make sure you get your full 1h30 of jumping time ;-)

Online bookings have priority. Always best to call us on 28 22 761 to check out if we have many bookings. 

... that we sell books of 5 discounted tickets. 

> You are aged 4-9, then instead of paying 12.50 euros an hour, you pay 10.00 euros > The book costs 50 euros

> You are aged 10 and more, then instead of paying 14.50 euros an hour, you pay 12.50 euros > The book costs 62.50 euros

The tickets can be used Tue-Fri (outside school and bank holidays).