Parties are for all ages from 4th birthday celebration onwards. For parties during term-time weekday and Saturday/Sunday mornings, guests can be as young as 3 years old (without diaper) but if the host and/or guests are less than 7 years of age, for safety reasons, adults will need to supervise them on the trampoline zone. Be aware that parties for what we call 'mini-jumpers' can only be planned at specific time. This makes the experience for little ones much safer as many parents are present to assist with supervision (and play ;-).

We also need to inform you that at peak time (when we host parties for children aged 7 and more), if one or more of your child's guests is/are aged 4-6, because the space on the trampoline zone is limited, supervising adults (ratio of 1 for up to 3 mini-jumpers) will have to pay an entry fee.

Birthday parties give the perfect opportunity for adults to socialise so hosting parents are welcome to invite other parents to stay for a chat and a coffee (we always have a few nice treats on offer but if you would like something specific, you can pre-order it when we call you 10 days before the party, to finalise details).

Food options (at no extra cost):

- The savoury option (2 choices) only available for parties booked at 10.00, 11.00, 12.00 and 18.00.*

- The sweet option (fruit platter, giant cookies-to-share and cake) available for all party slots.

We can also cater for children who have certain food intolerances or cannot eat pork. Feel free to ask about it ;-)

If you are heading to the restaurant afterwards, or don't want to have the 'sit-down' part, why not ask about our 'Birthday Express' package with 1h30 jumping time (a nice option for teens)? Or if you want to organise an adult birthday party, talk to us about it. We can adapt our package.

At Jumpbox, we listen to you. The IMPROVED PACKAGE includes a goodie-bag of sweets for the guests. A little paper bag (not plastic) with a handful of sweets, prepared every week with love by Team Jumpbox. No need then to worry about that anymore;-)

Party 4-17 years old Weekday

Term-time weekdays
Food and drinks included
Minimum age of guests: 3
Adult(s) supervising under 7s free

€24.50 per child

Party 4-9 years old Weekend

Time slots for young jumpers
Food and drinks included
Minimum age of guests: 3
Adult(s) supervising under 7s free

From €26.50 per child

Party 7-17 years old Weekend/Holidays

Time slots for jumpers 7+
Food and drinks included
Minimum age of guests: 4
Adult(s) supervising Under 7s pay entry fee

€26.50 per child

Party Teens Only Friday

Time slots for jumpers 11+
1h30 jump
Food and drinks included
Minimum age of guests: 9

€29.50 per child