A Corporate Event

Jumpbox, your partner for your next quality corporate event

When we plan an event, we take into consideration the size and demography of the group (sometimes it is just a team of adults, a whole company and sometimes a mix of adults and children from the age of 4). Younger siblings can come too and play at the Duplo table or we can organise a specific corner with other suitable toys and activities. Privatising the space is an option. 

Our activities are planned and tailor-made in such a way that anyone (whether rusty / not interested in physical activity or seasoned champion) should find it entertaining. Teams start with a decent warm-up and bouncing initiation process. Then we move onto active, strategic and safe easy-to-understand challenges. Obviously you also get some rehydrating downtime together to re-energise.

So far we have successfully hosted events from 10 to 200 participants. And we can also provide catering ;-) As we are a structure greeting  children/teenagers, as a general rule we have an alcohol-free policy and we have developed a great package with shots of smoothies or mocktails but we can also provide a different solution for those who after the teambuilding ‘challenges’ or during the medal ceremony want to celebrate in style and with a few bubbles.  

So if you are organising a family morning, a Christmas party with a difference or planning a team-building event, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to work out a suitable package for you.