Sanitary disposal

The Corona Virus pandemic has forced us to take certain measures.

Anti-Covid rules and government guidelines

When you arrive, we disinfect everyone's hands, we wear masks like you and are separated by a plexiglass screen or keep our distance, we have reduced the number of tickets on sale per slot, removed doors from some lockers and added some elsewhere, organised a one-way path, added lounge areas to allow you to socialise while seated, separated the tables by 1m50, and of course we aerate the space and disinfect the surfaces even more often. And all this with a smile because we want to remain your favourite sports entertainment facility!

Our park is disinfected daily with Bacoban, a disinfectant with a fast disinfection time and a long-lasting antiviral effect. Once on site, you can consult our cleaning and disinfection protocol. We practise bi-cleaning, which includes spraying a detergent-disinfectant-bactericide for surfaces, legally recognised in Luxembourg (used in hospitals, nurseries, etc.) for its 10-day effectiveness once a week, as well as cleaning by mechanical rubbing all frequently touched areas on opening days.

As of 11th March 2022 there is no more covid check to enter Jumpbox and wearing the mask is not mandatory any more.

If you want to benefit from a controlled environment, you can privatize Jumpbox for your session with family, friends or colleagues.

Pour votre confort, nous limitons la capacité de sauteurs sur les trampolines à 50 personnes maximum (au lieu des 80 pré-pandémie).

Private session

You get our 800m2 of trampoline area to your disposal and your group can enjoy it to its heart’s content, without other customers present.

We continue disinfecting hands on arrival and keep on following the same cleaning protocol for the park.

Even though these measures may seem restrictive, they will allow you to enjoy your trampoline session safely and serenely.

For your remote working days

What if "Children's day" allowed you to work in peace? Jumpbox provides parents and carers with a fully equipped space (wifi, workspace, food & drink) while the children enjoy the fun and sport. So why not privatise the space with a few colleagues?

Crowdfunding to support our family business

The lockdown caused irreparable damage. We have therefore created a crowdfunding campaign to allow your favourite trampoline park to survive. Every little gesture is important, we count on you, but above all we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. 💗